Stop to Eat the Road Trip Snacks

I took a road trip last weekend to visit a friend in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Road trips require you to stop along the way for fuel, food, or a bathroom break.

The best part is stopping at a local gas station and picking up local snacks. There’s always something interesting coming from these smaller companies. Here’s the package for Uncle Ray’s Kosher Dill Flavored Potato Chips.

Uncle Ray’s is based in Detroit Michigan. There’s a continuing story about the founder’s time in the Navy during the 1950’s. This particular package of potato chips had Chapter 11.

It’s a great way to get customers to buy the next part of the story (which comes on another bag of chips). It also gives Uncle Ray, the founder, a real personality that customers can connect with.

Pick up some snacks next time you’re traveling by car across the United States. You might find something interesting.