Auto Awesome is Pretty Awesome

A few weeks ago, Google rolled out a new feature for Google Plus (their social network) called Auto Awesome. When your phone auto-uploads a sequence of similar pictures to Google Plus an animated GIF of those pictures is made—automatically. Here’s how it works.

These are pictures I took with my phone. I used “burst mode” to capture the scene. Your phone’s camera probably has some version of burst mode.

When I was young, this is how I dreamed photographs would be in the future. I know it’s just an animated GIF. But check this out: My memory is moving! Vine is similar, but at the same time it really isn’t. A Vine is to share. These are like personal stereoscopic memory cards.

I’m amazed at this Google invention. It feels bigger than the box it currently lives in though. I wish it could be freed from Google Plus. That way many more people can see that Auto Awesome is pretty awesome.